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Your life is an ongoing adventure


As changes in your life occur, are you adjusting your financial plan accordingly? We’ve put together this 10-point checklist of key areas of your financial life. Take a look and see if your plan is keeping up with your life.


If any of these apply to you, your Merrill advisor is here to help – starting with your exclusive Merrill Personal Wealth Analysis®.

Financial Plan Checklist

1. Life changes (e.g., retirement, new family members, change of residence, etc.)

2. Overall financial plan updates

3. Emergency fund (three to six months of expenses)

4. Insurance policies and coverage

5. Outstanding loans and credit

6. Gifts to heirs or charities

7. Estate plans and associated legal documents

8. Tax and market changes that may impact you

9. Key retirement dates and milestones

10. Retirement income plan (if retired or semi retired)

Financial Plan Checklist


Want a copy of this checklist to keep? Download one now to use as a starting point when consulting your advisor, and to help determine what you need to make the most of your financial strategy.


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