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  1. How key industries could be affected by the change of leadership in Washington

  2. We take a look at the current earnings season–and what it may mean for investors.

  3. Strong corporate profits combined with low interest rates could help broaden the current bull market in equities and create a favorable backdrop for corporate bonds in the coming year, believes Michael Hartnett, chief investment strategist for BofA Global Research.

  4. Michelle Meyer, head of U.S. Economics for BofA Global Research, highlights several positive economic signs to watch for in 2021. View this video for more insights.

  5. The Chief Investment Office (CIO) outlook on the economy, the markets, investment trends, portfolio considerations and asset-class weightings.

  6. After a tumultuous 2020, these insights could help you position your investments for economic recovery

  7. Housing has been one of the strongest areas of the economic recovery following the shock from the coronavirus. Michelle Meyer, head of U.S. Economics for BofA Global Research, looks at some of the key factors behind this trend.

  8. What history tells us about market performance before—and after—previous elections

  9. It may actually be proving its staying power – here are two reasons for its current strong showing

  10. Watch this video to get the basics on this key ingredient in a well-diversified portfolio


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