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After you answer a few, simple questions, we will provide you with a personalized set of resources. This will also be helpful when starting a conversation with an advisor.

What keeps you up at night?Select the statements that apply to you.

What keeps you
up at night?

Select the statements that apply to you.

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What are some of your goals for the future?

Select the statements that apply to you.

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Why are we asking these questions?

The statements you selected help you uncover what’s most important to you, from among seven key life priorities. This insight can help an advisor work with you to pursue your goals.

Seven life priorities


Bringing it all together and defining your financial goals.


Upsizing, downsizing or buying a vacation home.


Managing healthcare expenses, now and in the future.


Taking care of your family and other people in your life.


Spending your free time in ways that are meaningful to you.


Volunteering, mentoring others and giving to charities. 


Working in retirement, selling a business or starting a new one.

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Getting you the right resources

Based on your responses, we selected the highlighted priorities. Feel free to click on others that are important to you, or remove those that aren't.

Dive deeper and we’ll provide resources, articles and videos selected just for you.

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