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    What’s Different Financially for Women?

    Tips for powering through obstacles on your road to financial freedom. PLUS: Watch a video featuring one mom's answer to work-life balance.

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    2 Times You Should Never Tap into Your Home Equity

    Thumbs up—and down—on 7 uses you might be considering

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    Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

    Answering these seven questions can help you figure out whether it's the right move for you to make now<br><br>

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    How to Calculate Your Home Equity—and Why It Matters

    As prices rise or fall in your area, your home equity also shifts. Here’s a quick guide for figuring out how much you have, plus tips to potentially increase it.

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    How Your Home Can Help You 'Renovate' Your Finances

    A house is more than a place to live and raise your family. Here are some ways the equity you've built up could help you pursue other important goals.

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    Renovate Your Home Without Wrecking Your Budget

    These remodeling do’s and don'ts could help you make the most of your home—and potentially even increase its resale value

  7. Portfolio Strategies

    Should I Rent or Own?

    It's an important but not always easy decision to make. Our expert looks at three essential questions to ask yourself before deciding which option is right for you.

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    Could Your Home Help Fund Your Retirement?

    Many people live in their most valuable asset.<br>Here’s how your home’s value could help you retire on your terms.

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    Choosing a Retirement Community: 7 Questions to Ask First

    Whether you're considering a move for yourself or for your parents, it's a crucial decision—and mistakes could be costly


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