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  1. finances

    Tips, Stats—and True Stories—to Help You Retire Ready

  2. finances

    Merrill Perspectives Podcast

  3. markets

    Dealing with Volatility: What You Need to
    Know Now

    Timely insights to help you manage risk when markets shift

  4. finances

    Traditional or Roth IRA—Which Might Be Right for You?

    When it comes to putting away money for retirement, a Roth could make more sense for you than a traditional IRA—or vice versa. Here's what to consider before making a decision.

  5. finances

    Disaster-Proof Your Finances

    5 tips to help you recover more easily from a flood, fire or other natural disaster

  6. finances

    5 Top Reasons People Turn to an Advisor (And Why You Shouldn't Wait)

    Buying a home? Paying for college? Retiring soon? Planning ahead can help you work toward your financial goals—and prepare for any unexpected challenges.

  7. finances

    How to Be a Tax-Smart Investor

    Thoughtful decisions about the asset classes you choose and the accounts you hold them in could help you lower your tax bill

  8. finances

    What Can You Do When the Markets Get Volatile?

    Market swings can be unnerving, but they shouldn't distract you from staying focused on your financial goals. We spoke with Niladri Mukherjee with the Chief Investment Office for his insights.

  9. finances

    Why ESG Matters—Now More Than Ever

    A new BofA Global Research study finds companies that take environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into account may enjoy advantages over companies that don’t

  10. finances

    10 Things You Need to Know About the SECURE Act

    New rules, designed to make it easier for people to save and invest for a long life, could help you boost your retirement-readiness

  11. finances

    The Bulletin

    Financial tips, trends and insights to help you plan for the prioritiesâ like your health, home, family, work, even leisureâ that matter most to you

  12. finances

    Rethinking Retirement: New Rules, New Realities

    Recently signed legislation, the SECURE Act, introduces more ways to save for a longer life.

  13. finances

    7 Keys to Getting Through a Prolonged Market Downturn

    Here's what you may want to do—and avoid doing—as you maneuver through an extended decline

  14. finances

    7 Money-Saving Tips for Holiday Shopping

    Buying presents for family and friends can be expensive. These strategies could help you save money as you search for the perfect gifts.

  15. finances

    What Coronavirus Means for the Markets and Your Money

    Chris Hyzy, Chief Investment Officer for Merrill and Bank of America Private Bank, answers questions top of mind for everyone right now

  16. finances

    Checklist: 7 Questions Every Advisor Should Be Able to Answer

    Whatever your priorities, this can help you find someone who understands you and has the resources to help you manage your financial life

  17. finances

    Selling Stocks? 3 Ways You Might Minimize Your Capital Gains Taxes

    Many investors look to lock in equity gains as they rebalance their portfolios. These tips can help you limit the tax consequences.

  18. finances

    6 Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

    Here’s what you and your tax professional should be discussing in order to help reduce your tax liability for 2019 and beyond

  19. finances

    Time to Get Smart About Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence startups raised a record $7.4 billion globally in 2019. Find out what's speeding up development—and investor interest.

  20. finances

    Be Cyber-Secure: Hone Your Password-Writing Skills with This Quiz

    Use these tips to help you keep your financial (and other) online accounts safe.

  21. finances

    Be Cyber-Secure: Beware These Business Email Scams

    Steps you can take to defend against phishing, smishing and other forms of cyber attack

  22. finances

    Be Cyber-Secure: Do’s and Don’ts for Your Family

    Consider setting up a virtual private network and 5 other tips to help thwart cyber criminals

  23. finances

    Be Cyber-Secure: Ways to Protect Your Business and Your Customers

    Cyber criminals uncover and target 480 new vulnerabilities every minute. Are you prepared?

  24. finances

    The Basics Q&A: Should I Borrow From My 401(k) Account?

    Q. I need a large amount of cash—more than I have saved. Should I tap into my 401(k) account?

  25. finances

    Online College Degrees: Are They Worth the Money?

    Read up on their advantages, plus how to pick the right online school and how employers perceive them.

  26. finances

    4 Ways to Invest in Women’s Equality

    Be part of helping to change the status quo—and pursue growth—through gender lens investing

  27. finances

    8 Tax Tips That Could Save You Money This Year

    Tax accountant Vinay Navani offers ideas you can share with your tax professional to reduce what you owe

  28. finances

    4 Big Retirement Risks—and How to Prepare for Them

    You can't control unexpected events in your life or in the markets, but these tips can help you limit their impact

  29. earth

    Market Decode: Is Impact Investing Right for You?

    Discover how you can combine a desire to have a positive impact on the world with investing for your future<br><br>

  30. finances

    Do You Have a Retirement
    Spending Plan?

    Saving and investing is just the first step in retirement planning—creating a plan to draw down that money is the next challenge. These tips can help.

  31. finances

    Creating Long Term Value in Your Portfolio with Sustainable and Impact Investing

    We are living in an era of growing social and environmental awareness. People and institutions are looking to make investment decisions with the goal of creating positive social or environmental impact, as well as a financial return.

  32. finances

    The Basics Q&A: What Expenses Can a 529 Education Savings Account Cover?

    Q: I just opened a 529 account for my daughter. How can I use it?

  33. finances

    Will Your Social Security Benefits Be Taxed?

    For many people, the answer is yes–but these strategies could help you minimize the hit on your retirement income

  34. markets

    Market Decode: How Bonds Work—and What They Can Do for You

    Watch this video to get the basics on this key ingredient in a well-diversified portfolio

  35. finances

    Investing for Income—Not Just Growth

    These ideas can help as you look to create a steady stream of income for retirement and other cash-dependent goals

  36. finances

    Invest in Yourself: See our financial tips, resources (and inspiration) for women

    We're here to help with ongoing insights and experience specifically for women investors.

  37. finances

    Smart Ways to Pay Back Your Student Loan

    What comes after graduation day? The job of repaying the cost of college. That often involves hard choices, but with a solid strategy you can tackle your debts without jeopardizing your future.

  38. finances

    What Can an Advisor Do for Me?

    Probably more than you think. An advisor can offer useful guidance as you make decisions in all areas of your financial life.

  39. markets

    Market Decode: Balancing Risk and Reward with Asset Allocation

    Senior investment strategist Marci McGregor explains how asset allocation can help you find the right mix of stocks, bonds and cash to match your risk tolerance—especially when the markets get volatile

  40. finances

    Save More for Retirement with These 5 Tips

    Even if you're juggling other financial goals, there are steps you can take to help you get back on track.

  41. finances

    7 Key Retirement Deadlines You Won't Want to Miss

    Taking steps at each of these stages on the road to retirement could help you maximize your income, minimize your taxes and avoid penalties

  42. finances

    Beyond Stocks and Bonds

    Alternative Investments Have the Potential to Enhance Performance and Help Smooth Portfolio Volatility

  43. finances

    Social Security: Aiming for Smarter Payments

    Delaying your benefits for as long as you can could give you greater income for life. But is it the right move for you? These insights can help.


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