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Create a plan that is all about you with Merrill Personal Wealth AnalysisTM

Working one-on-one with a Merrill advisor, Merrill Personal Wealth Analysis™ can help you easily define and prioritize your goals, take stock of your finances and evaluate tradeoffs to create an easy-to-read, personalized plan that will help you navigate your personal financial journey. And if your situation changes, you and your advisor can work together to update your plan to help you stay on track towards your goals.

  • Speech bubble
    Focus on what matters most

    Share your finances and feelings about investing to help create a plan that is all about you.

  • Target
    Set and prioritize goals

    Evaluating your goals and determine which are essential, like saving for retirement, and which are more aspirational.

  • Checklist
    Review your finances

    Take stock of what you own and what you owe, as well as your sources of income, so you know where you stand.

  • Thought bubble
    Evaluate your options

    Weigh the tradeoffs you may want to make to increase the chances of reaching all of your goals.

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    Identify potential solutions

    Look at solutions from Merrill and Bank of America to assess which may best help you pursue your goals.

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    Easily access your analysis

    Review your plan anytime, sent via secure email or uploaded to your MyMerrill document library.

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Knowledge brings confidence.

 Merrill Personal Wealth Analysis is all about building a personalized plan to address what matters most to you — and more importantly, helping you achieve your goals.

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