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Looking Ahead at the Future of Giving Back

An inspirational day where the world's most prominent donors and change makers came together with a shared desire to better the world—and to alter it for good.

Ann Limberg, Head of Philanthropic and Family Office Solutions, and Evan Beard, U.S. Trust, National Art Services Executive, Bank of America Private Wealth Management led some of the key discussions with other speakers to bring the Philanthropic conversation to the forefront at this year’s Town & Country Philanthropy Summit held on May 9, 2018 at the Hearst Tower in NYC. It was the publication’s fifth anniversary in a packed day of insightful panels and one-on-one conversations that inspired, motivated and encouraged clients/prospects and key thought leaders in the Philanthropic space on important topics.

Igniting Philanthropic Conversation to Engage and Drive Change

"The key is when your values are really struck with passion, it’s amazing the work that we can do together."—Ann Limberg, Head of Philanthropic and Family Office Solutions

Philanthropy is in everything we do, whether it is crossover into Education, Art, Activism, Times of Disaster or conversations with multi-generational families. It’s about making life purposeful with a sense of passion to give back and do the right thing. Philanthropy has moved in so many positive ways, to being about life today. And it's about finding ways to take values and really translate those values into action. That action may be giving and financial support. That action may be government support. The key is when your values are really struck with passion, it's amazing the work that we can do together. For Merrill Lynch, we're here as a philanthropic partner, with our clients to help them do exactly that. We don't presuppose what their values should be, but we really help them translate those values into impact of action.


Check out what our experts have to say from the Town & Country Philanthropy Summit:

Inside the 2018 Town & Country Philanthropy Summit.
An inspirational day, looking ahead at the future of giving back.

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The Future of Education
An Intimate Breakfast with Ann Limberg, Head of Philanthropic Solutions and Dr. Merryl Tisch
Vice Chairman, SUNY Board of Trustees Chancellor Emeritus, NY State Board of Regents

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Arts Matter: The Intersection of Art & Philanthropy Come Together
Conversation with Evan Beard, U.S. Trust National Art Services Executive Bank of America
Private Wealth Management and Lydia Wickliffe Fenet, Christie’s Auction House SVP

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“Philanthropy has changed so much in the past five years, ten years, twenty years. And it used to be about giving at a later stage in life. Today, it really transcends generations,” says Ann Limberg. “And, in fact, some of our youngest generations are really focused, first and foremost on how they create impact every day in their lives. They are not willing to wait until they've generated a certain amount of wealth to have the impact that they want. They're highly educated, and they think globally.”

Merrill Lynch has our own thought leaders and expertise as part of the philanthropic business. But our much greater value is that we have this extraordinary company behind it who has great resources and able to provide support, financially, for all types of different clients who may not even know that philanthropy is something that they, want to get involved in, but who may have a need as a business owner or art collector. Part of what makes Merrill Lynch different and unique is that we've made a huge commitment to philanthropy.

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