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Retire Ready—or Not?

Enjoy these cartoons—then click through to articles that can help you get better prepared for retirement, financially and otherwise.

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Illustration of two men standing next to a chicken coop.

“See, I told you I had this nest egg stuff figured out!”

Illustration of a couple with their belongings and their dog underneath a tree house. The sign above the front door reads-Home Sweet Home.

“This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when you said, ‘Let’s downsize.’”

“Just five miles—if I get too fit, I may outlive my savings.”

Illustration of two women talking on the front lawn of a house. Behind them, a young man walks through the revolving front door of the house.

“With my kids and parents moving in and out, a revolving door makes the most sense.”

Illustration of a couple sitting next to each other in bed. The woman is reading a book while the man is handing her a tablet.

“Let’s set up online dating profiles to get to know each other again.”

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