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Investment Strategy Overview

The Chief Investment Office outlook on the economy, the markets, investment trends, portfolio considerations and asset-class weightings.

The Lighthouse and What Lies Ahead

In looking to the second half of the year and beyond, our Chief Investment Office (CIO) embraces the notion of a lighthouse that could illuminate the way to economic recovery. To the CIO, many investors seem more focused on what has happened during the pandemic, and might pay closer attention to changes for the better that could lie ahead, in some cases accelerated by the crisis.

“The Lighthouse is our way of describing what we think we are likely to experience for the second half of the year and well into 2022–or what we are calling the New Frontier. We think the Lighthouse is important because it can provide insights for investors in the short and longer term.” —Christopher Hyzy, Chief Investment Officer

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This material was prepared by the Chief Investment Office (CIO) and is not a publication of BofA Global Research. The views expressed are those of the CIO only and are subject to change. This information should not be construed as investment advice. It is presented for information purposes only and is not intended to be either a specific offer by any Merrill or Bank of America entity to sell or provide, or a specific invitation for a consumer to apply for, any particular retail financial product or service that may be available.

Global Wealth & Investment Management (GWIM) is a division of Bank of America Corporation. The Chief Investment Office, which provides investment strategies, due diligence, portfolio construction guidance and wealth management solutions for GWIM clients, is part of the Investment Solutions Group (ISG) of GWIM.


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